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    I have for sale proven Jill Rees Line Cream Legbar cockerels/roosters for sale. In August of last year, I obtained some of the first Jill Rees line Cream Legbar chicks. They are now over 6 months old (hatched 08-24-14-which technically makes them cockerels, but they are proven). They have been successfully fertilizing eggs from that pen for over a month and a half now.

    I am selling them as adults for $85 each. Shipping charges plus box are about $40. Total, with shipping and box $125.

    I obtained 8 males from the batch of chicks I received. I will be keeping 2 for myself. Two are quite off-color and will not be sold. So, I will now be offering the 4 extra cockerels. These birds were hatched at Greenfire Farms and sent to me directly. I have gotten birds from each line that Greenfire Farms has imported and can tell you with confidence that these birds are closer to the standard than any other birds I've gotten. As color varied, I am only offering those males that I feel are the better representatives of the breed. I apologize for the photos, but their feathers are winter worn. The photos are examples of the males for sale. None of the cockerels in this line show the gold color that was a problem in former lines. So far, the pullets from this same batch are also laying eggs that are closer to blue than green, however, not all pullets are laying yet (they seem to mature more slowly than the cockerels did). So, I can't speak to the color of eggs for all of them I received.

    I am NPIP certifed and pullorum free, but do not have AI testing. So, I can ship to most states as most states only require NPIP certification. However, a few states also require AI testing-such as Virgina.

    Feel free to private message me or reply to this ad below with any questions.

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