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Mar 19, 2008
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Hey Ya'll

I heard my wife going on and on about Jimmy Buff's and how great they were "back in the day". Then I saw a great Best Hot Dogs special on the Travel Channel and sure enough, besides Hot Doug's and a million other mouth watering places there was Jimmy Buff's. Here's the history on Jimmy Buff's (from their website)

Jimmy Buff's of 14th Ave. & 9th St. in Newark, NJ is where the hotdog with an Italian twist was first concocted by the founder James "Bluff" Racioppi in 1932. Grandpa got his nickname from his style at the card table. Translation from Italian to English came up with the nickname "BUFF". In the 20s and 30s everyone had a nickname and hence James Racioppi became known as "Jimmy Buff".

The story I heard on Travel Channel was he was playing cards real late and his WIFE made the guys a snack, simply grabbing everything in sight: hot dogs, bell peppers, red potatoes, onions and a loaf of pizza bread (a rustic ring shaped Italian bread). She hollowed out the center of each chunk and stuffed it with the concoction. It's really terrific.

Mis en place

6-8 high quality hot dogs (Nathan's, Hebrew National, ect.)
2 large onions cut in slices
2 large red bell peppers, cut in strips
4 large red potatoes cut in medium cubes
3-4 Tbls EVOO
1 cup white wine

Pizza bread

In a large cast irons skillet heat your EVOO on high, then add the cubed red potatoes, liberally season with seasoning salt and cracked pepper - saute about 5 minutes turning potatoes occasionally. Add your hot dogs, red bell pepper slices and onions and saute covered about 5 minutes, remove cover and add white wine, recover and cook another 5 minutes. The wine will STEAM the potatoes tender. Your vegetables and hot dogs should get a nice caramelization going. Cut your pizza bread into 6-7 inch chunks and slice it open enough you can stuff it with mounds of this cooked mixture. Serve with some ketchup and be prepared to be wowed...

(I'm telling the wife "shoot the darn picture honey, I want to eat this thing while it's hot..." LOL)



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Apr 10, 2009
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I've been Jonesing for your recipes

This one sounds a lot like Italian Sausage & Peppers with the Hot Dogs subbed for sausage.
You can bet I'll be trying this out with some good beef dogs real soon!
: 9

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