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    Jul 9, 2016
    My 3 yr. old Aracauna went through a brooding session a few weeks back. When she came out of it she started to lay again. this past week though she began to act docile- moves about the yard and house and settles in for periods at a time. Her food intake has progressively declined but continues to drink. She hasn't lost weight. She did develop a poopy butt which I have washed a couple of time already. No mites or lice. I would like to give her a wormer but no feed supply or pet stores carry a broad spectrum wormer and the local vets will not supply w/o an exam (by appt. only, no walk-ins- i tried) and this being Saturday afternoon already we are on our own for the remainder of the weekend.
    I have attached samples of her latest poop- dark spinach green w/ yellow stuff (hoping this isn't blackhead) and the generally watery w/ white version.
    Could this all just be an extension of the brooding process? Any opinions or suggestions are much appreciated.[​IMG]
    Watery on a black slate floor

    Spinach green w/ yellow soaked into white cloth

    JJ Superchicken looking for specs on the floor.

    I have one other Aracauna and three golden sex links who are all fine. The photos are all from today.
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    Welcome to BYC.

    Can you give us a general idea where you live (country/state)?

    When was the last time she laid an egg?
    How does her abdomen feel?

    She could be having internal laying problems, a reproductive disorder like Peritonitis, cancer or tumors.
    If you can worm her that would be good.
    The green poo can be caused by her not eating enough. If you have them add some poultry vitamins to her water. Offer her some extra protein by giving scrambled/hard boiled egg, tuna, mackerel or meat.


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