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    I just checked my chicks and I think I see some tufts. The little stinkers hatched on Friday when I was at work so I don't know which egg they came from but I'm sure some hatched out of the Aracauna eggs. I know at least 1 was marked W2.

    Do I have to worry about the lethal gene now or does it do its damage during incubation?

    I looked very carefully at the yellow chickies and it looks like one has a tuft on the left side that is a pretty good size and 1 has smallish tufts on both sides. I'm not sure on the others.

    How do you tell if they're rumpless?

    Sorry I wasn't as prepared with my research on these! I'm just so pleased I had a successful hatch! [​IMG]

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    Aw, that would be great if you got some tufts. The lethal gene is worse during incubation. Here is a good little page on araucana -

    And the araucana club for more info (there is more history info there)

    wouldn't worry about the tufts on your babies. The concern is when you select them for breeding and breed tuft to tuft.

    The rumpless is tough to tell what you're looking at. The easiest way is if there is an indent where the tail should be. You can usually feel if there is a tail bone as well.

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    Thanks for the info, Jody. I just finished feeling up my chickies butts-(never thought I'd say that!)--and I think 2 may be rumpless. 1 of those is the black and yellow looking chick.

    I'm going to check out your links now.

    Thanks again!

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