Joel Salatin to speak at Field Day in East Central Ohio - Sept 13

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    I just thought that some of you might be interested in a field day that is going to be held here in Carroll County on Septemer 13th 10am-4pm. It's called the Agricultural-Natural Resources-Conservation Expo. It's free and open to anyone. The main speaker of the day is Joel Salatin, which I think some of you are familiar with from some posts I've read since I joined this forum. Ohio Natural Resources Conservation Service's state Grassland Conservationist, Bob Hendershot will also be there to speak about grazing. There will be lots to see and do for adults and children alike. Topics to be covered include: forestry, vegetable production, chickens, sheep, beef, dairy, goats, canning, pasture management, wildlife management, alternative energy, kids' safety, soil and water conservation, and much more!
    Here is the website for more information!

    Feel free to ask me any questions you have regarding this field day. It is an excellent educational experience and I'm proud to be a small part of it![​IMG]
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