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My cause is to legalize chickens for people in the Contra Costa County unicorporated cities. The cities allow 'em but the suburban areas that are unicorporated disallow chickens. Please join my cause by posting a comment. I'll put your username on my page so people know you have joined my cause. Thanks so much
I'm currently writing a letter to the county about this issue.
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I am totaly in support of this cause. Chickens are a clean and useful hobby in teh suburbs of America and an even more useful and needed resource in teh fabric of this country. If people can learn to live with any toher pets then chickens should pose no different issues.

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I am completely in support of this cause. Chickens can certainly be raised in an unobtrusive manner, clean, and with many benefits. Not only are they good, interesting, beautiful pets, but they also provide a very important source of local food, both eggs and meat, both of which are far superior to store products. It is far healthier to get our food locally, whenever possible. They even help improve the soil's fertility, by composting their bedding/chips and enriching the soil - a wonderful free benefit that also helps raise better and healthier garden crops. Healthier people require less medical procedures, thus saving money.

Not being able to raise chickens would be like not being able to grow one's own vegetables!
I think that dogs and cats can make more noise and smell than chickens. Plus this world is getting to where you are raising your own chickens for eggs and such. People are SO misinformed!!!! If they would just take a look at the ordinances that DO allow chickens, they might see its not a bad idea.

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