joining different clubs/oranizations


8 Years
Jun 3, 2011
Champaign County, Illinois
I am admittedly a newbie to chickens and started out with a mixed flock- now I am planning on raising a heritage breed and would like to learn how to do justice to them. I don't know of any organizations in the area, but was looking to join one of the national ones like the APA, SPPA, or ALBC. Maybe even a LaFleche breed club if I can find one. (in the USA)

Anyone have preferences for a certain club and why? Is there one that has more emphasis in either continental breeds (french) or has many members in the midwest? Or is there a way for newbies to the hobby to find a mentor?

Am I too old to join 4-h?

I know hitting some poultry shows would be a nice first step but thrift and gas prices really don't go together.

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