Joining y'all from Sparta, KY!


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Welcome to our page!

We are The Johnson Family of Sparta, KY - Jeff (my husband), Walli (me), C.J. (my son) and Anya (my daughter). We are quite new to the world of raising chickens, but are all too quickly becoming indoctinated into science of chicken math!

Our family moved to Kentucky seven years ago from outside of Chicago. We have a small farm, a little over 11 acres. We raise honeybees and have a small orchard. I grow vegetable plants which I sell at the local farmer's market in spring and when I retire I hope to start a CSA. I currently work full-time as an Air Traffic Controller. My husband left teaching a couple of years ago to homeschool our two children. We have talked about getting chickens for the last few years, but I guess it was just easier to buy eggs from the neighbor. Well, a couple of months ago, our neighbors announced that they were moving back to Texas and offered to give us us chickens if we wanted them. We hemmed and hawed for awhile and finally, just before they moved, decided to build a chicken tractor and raise some chickens.

So, I found a plan for a tractor and my husband spent about a week putting it together. Then about two and half weeks ago, we added the Barred Rocks - six hens and a roo.

Of course, in researching before we got these chickens, I came across the Black Copper Marans and the Swedish Flower Hens (husband is Swedish!) and I had always wanted to get Easter Eggers if we did decide to raise chickens. So, plans are already underway for a much larger chicken coop, the incubator arrives Thursday, and I'm doing my best to restrain myself from ordering too many eggs to hatch!

We'll gladly accept any prayers and well-wishings you choose to send our direction for success in this new endeavor. Thank you and have a blessed day!

In Christ,


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from Ohio. So glad you joined. My advice, use only screws when building coops. They are much easier to remove than nails when things need to be enlarged do to chicken math.


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. I love your plan. So far I've got 4 breeds I would like to add next year. We've got the room, hard to restrain myself! Good luck!

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