Journey to a FINISHED Painting :) !!!!!!!!!!!

Moonlight Piano

8 Years
Mar 24, 2011
Southeastern US. / Georgia.
I have been asked to paint a landscape for my church. I decided that since so many people love to paint a draw on here I thought it would interesting to post pics of my progress as I go. I hope you enjoy, I think this could be a pretty interesting thread ;)

God bless,
Here's a photo of the first part. This is after about a two hour session. My main focus at the moment is building some form of atmosphere. This is very important since I am doing it in the Hudson river school style. :) Lemme know what you think. ;)

God bless,
Ok......I was able to work on this again today. This is after a 30 minute session. I added deeper colour to the rest of back and mid-ground. I was sure to leave some of the under-painting showing. This will later help me give the illusion of glowing light. :)

Let me know how it's looking thus far :)

God bless,
Oh my I LOVE them both. Would love to see the first one hanging on my wall!
You are SO talented!!!!!!
Oh I love seeing the progression! Thank you for posting the pictures as your work goes along! I can't wait to see more updates!!!

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