Juanita, the brave little pullet

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    This afternoon, hubby and I picked up some goi cuon which is like a vietnamese spring roll with lettuce, rice noodles, shrimp, thin-sliced pork, and mint leaves wrapped in a noodle wrap and dipped in peanut sauce. I go outside and call the chooks to share my roll with them. Well apparently, I wasn't sharing with them the part that Juanita wanted because while I'm handing my girls rice noodles in my right hand (which they are attacking voraciously), I've got the rest of the roll in my left hand and bringing said roll up to my mouth to take a bite.

    Juanita JUMPS UP onto the back porch, and SNATCHED that big piece of lettuce RIGHT out of the roll as I was bringing it up to my mouth to take a bite--not even half an inch from my mouth. She realized she had attained her goal of said piece of green leafy goodness and RAN like a mad chicken making that "I got it, I got it!" noise that they make. The rest of the girls chased her, but she got away with it. I sat there and just cracked up.

    Now that is one BOLD chicken.
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    Why is it almost always the smallest of our flocks that dare the biggest stunts??? [​IMG] Thanks for sharing the story HHandbasket! Too bad someone wasn't there with a camera to document her bravery! [​IMG]
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    Quote:It is all about agility! [​IMG]

    Great story. They are food stealing machines!

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