Jubilee Opringtons - how to keep them true to form?

Sid Post

5 Years
I am looking for some "showy" standard size chickens that are gentle for when my nieces and nephews come out. I believe the Jubilee Opringtons are a good choice but, reading online has me confused about how hard it is to maintain their form and improve their genetics over time. I have other chickens so, I realize I will have to keep them separate during any breeding but, is this a breed a relative "newbie" can maintain and improve over time? Advice and tips are most appreciated!



Mar 25, 2015
A beautiful breed. Orpingtons are relatively easy to keep. My friend (who is now a certified hatchery) breeds show-quality White Rocks, and what she does is keep all her birds separated by breed (except her White Rocks, which are separated into Show and Production). Your best shot would be selective breeding, choosing the best specimens of males and females then breeding. The size can decrease, and also the form, but that can be avoided by no in-breeding, which can sometimes improve a bird, while often not. Also, since Jubilee Orpingtons have mottled plumage, that can be hard characteristic to get just right in breeding.

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