Jubilee Orpington Hatching Eggs

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    For your consideration I have six Jubilee Orpington chicken hatching eggs. My stock came directly from Green fire . I paid several hundred dollars for them. They are rare in U.S. These chickens are absolutely gorgeous . They are large fowl .The Jubillee Orpingtons are a very friendly breed . I think this would be a good choice of breed , if to be around small children. None of my roosters have shown any aggression towards me or my family. They lay a nice brown egg . These chickens are cold hardy birds. The Jubilee Orpington is a real pleasure to watch run around my yard.
    I check several times a day for eggs. I only send clean eggs.
    I wrap and pack eggs very well. I include a free 72 hour heat pack. Shipping eggs is risky practice . Eggs are fragile. I don't replace eggs or refund any monies for broken, frozen or un hatched or scrambled eggs. I only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays . Your phone number can be put on box for pick up at your local post office. A tracking number will be provided .
    I ONLY accept paypal. You may send instant payment of $60.00 To [email protected] or I can send you an invoice. If you want me to send an invoice I will need your paypal log in name.Thank You. Brian

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