Juliana pigs

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    Aug 27, 2012
    Does anyone breed purebred juliana pigs?

    Do they sell pretty easy?

    Will they pay for there food and will there be a little extra?

    What are the standers for a quality pig?

    Are they pretty hardy in the winter and summer?

    Are there any major heath problems to look out for?

    What is the best way to sell them?

    When they are ready for new homes what kind of thing do you do before they go to there new home?

    How do you price them out?

    I also would like breeding info.

    How old does a mama pig have to be before she has her first litter?

    When should you stop breeding her

    How often are there heat cycles?

    What is the gestation period?

    How many piglets can they have in one litter?

    I think that is all!

    thank you

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