Jumbo Brown and /or Jumbo Golden Coturnix Quail eggs

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    This auction is a per egg auction for as many eggs as you want in either Jumbo Brown or Jumbo Golden Coturnix, or any combination. PLEASE DON'T BID...just PM me with your request, as I can fill multiple orders at 20 cents per egg plus shipping to your location. My birds are NPIP Certified, and are TRUE Jumbos. Most of my breeders are weighing at least 12-14 oz. We are striving to increase size even further. They lay lots of jumbo eggs that are double or triple yolks, which are great for eating (see pic below). I don't ship the really big eggs, as they won't hatch, but this laying capability is definitely being passed on. All eggs will be fresh and fertile. My birds are under lights to ensure laying and fertility. I cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to handling and incubation factors beyond my control, but I will package well, and label clearly so they will arrive in the best condition possible. If you need eggs in the future, keep my name, and PM me when you're ready. Thanks!!

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Can you advise on shipping to Oregon? 97116.

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