Jumbo Brown Coturnix temperament


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Sep 27, 2009
Morrow, AR
Can I just say again how much I love these birds? I love them! I had 15 babies left from hatch about 2 weeks ago. When last week's babies were a few days old, I was able to combine both groups in a pretty darn small brooder for 50+ chicks! All went great.

Today I decided to seperate them, as they were getting way too crowded and the 2 week olds are HUGE for their age. This is a chick brooder of mine that has pegboard sides and a screened front, so the whole front opens. I was able to just open the door and fish babies out a few at a time. Two of 50 plus jumped out, but they are easier to catch than chicks of the same age
I never thought that quail couuld be so easygoing. My adults birds are positively fat, lazy and quite charming.

I am uttterly smitten. Of course, when this 2 week old batch hits about 6 weeks, we'll evaulate our current breeders and these older chicks and begin to cull for size to retain our biggest, best layers. One of the hens was 15.4 oz at only 6 weeks old, so I know she's bigger now at about 12 weeks! Anyone that doesn't "measure up" will be yummy~LOL


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May 29, 2010
Dunnville, Ky.
Mine that are in the breeder cages get out everyday!! when I'm feeding, I simply walk up to their cage, open the door and hold the bucket at the door because I know they're gonna jump! I get their feed cup out and fill it up ( with them still in the 1 gal feed bucket), change their water, and proceed to put them back in the cage. I then go to the next cage and repeat the above again! I have one hen that I have turned out and let "free roam" for a few minutes at a time, then go out and pick her up and in the cage she goes!

In short, These make great pets for the kids!

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