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May 29, 2011
Hello Everyone,

This us our first attempt at the Jumbo Cornish X Rocks from Murray McMurray. We we curious what the heaviest anyone has ever gotten from these as hens and has anyone gone longer than the recommended 9 1/2 weeks. Read an old article on here that said their's were like 10 to 13 pounds and dressed out at 12 to 13 weeks. Murray states only 4 pounds at 9 1/2 weeks. Any input appreciated.
I'm pretty sure they underestimate the weight. Better to err on the lower side than the higher. We are getting some of the Jumbo's the end of June.
Did you have a lot of mortality getting them to live to 15 weeks?

And, also, how about the feed costs to get them that large? I've read that they really go through the feed later as they get bigger, and just wondered if it proves cost effective.

My first ever batch of 25 are coming next week, and, while I know I could butcher them at the typical 5-6 pound grocery store size, I would just LOVE to raise some super jumbo roasting birds -- chickens so big they look like small turkeys in the oven.

TIA for any input on this.
I only lost two when they were really little, I did have some wheezing when they got bigger, but none actually died. They did have a hard time walking around much but still went out and foraged the best they could. I didn't track my feed but lets just say it was A LOT, probably 3-4x what the layers eat. I only had 8 cornishes and I think I was going through a 50# bag about every week to week and a half.

I should have processed mine at about 6-8 weeks, it would have been more manageable. I did raise some to "turkey size" and they ate and pooped A LOT. They had health (leg and lung/heart) issues, but when it came time to cook them they easily fed a family of 6.
Nope, but I know a lot of people that do limit their food intake. I fed them just like the other chickens, food out 24/7 in their feeders, out for free-ranging during the day and in sleeping in the dark at night, so at least I know they weren't eating at night.
Did you have to cook the "turkey sized" ones any differently? I just processed my last one today, he was nearly 12 weeks, and he really was turkey sized. The breast was enormous. Im wondering if I will have to cook it any differently. Sure was gorgeous, tho.
I have mine on a 18% feed right now. I wonder if I could start in 18% then go to 20% then to 24% so they grow slower and I can have larger birds and wait 10-12 weeks?? Thoughts?

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