JUMBO coturnix/pharaoh quail (lakeland fl 33810)


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Jun 27, 2013
JUMBO coturnix/pharaoh quail ,,,one week old....1.00 ea..... min. 10
the adults came from PA and they get up to 16 oz.
call 863 398 6750 days (leave message if i dont pick up)

Coturnix quail in their native lands are migratory birds. They were captured, and kept for their singing ability (which is funny since they don't sing really, but the male will do a "koo-tur-nix!" call during breeding season- hence their name), they were then bred for their egg and meat production. However, as for their call...us as breeders seem to agree it sounds like they are saying "Look-at-me" or "how'm-I-Doin?" lau
They are native to Europe, Asia, and Africa. All the species from these areas were interbred to make one domestic bird.
They migrate over the mediteranian sea and that's where the Egyptians collected the weak flying in from the sea and where a lot of the domestication seems to come from. Also in Japan.
Coturnix and the coturnix subspecies seem to have been interbred together during domestication.
Coturnixs are known as Pharoah Coturnix, and Jumbo Coturnix to name a few
Pharoah pretty much means the wild type, Jumbos are just larger selectivly bred Coturnix

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