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    Sep 19, 2014
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    We have 6 BSL hens that we get 3 or 4 eggs per day from. Their house and run is on the side of the garage. We let them free range the 1/2 acre, fenced back yard during the day. When they are first let out in the morning, there is one hen that goes straight to the hay in the barn to lay her egg. This morning she almost beat me out there as I went to feed horses. This is what she left this morning. (No, not the tennis ball.)

    All her Jumbos have been double yolk.
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    Nice egg! I have one of my chickens who lays an egg like that. I feel sorry for her each time. [​IMG]
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    The eggs we get from our Columbian are close to that size, but single-yolks. She's always laid whoppers, but they've always had very thin, fragile shells, and often with ridges......quite ugly as far as eggs go, but delish.

    Our leghorns, in contrast, consistently lay small to medium sized eggs.....occasionally the size of a large quail egg.

    It's really cool to see the natural variation in eggs. We've just picked up 4 new teenagers,three of which should lay easter eggs - we're really looking forward to that!
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    [​IMG] Now that's huge!

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