Jumbo/French Pearl Guinea Hatching Eggs


Feb 16, 2017
Pierson, Michigan
I have 6 female guineas laying well, with 4 males in the pen with them.
Shipping (up to 3 dozen): $15
1st dozen: $10
2nd dozen: $8
3rd dozen: $7
So, a "full" box would be 3 dozen eggs (10+8+7 = $25) plus shipping ($15) totaling $40
Local pickup (North of Grand Rapids, MI) would not cost any shipping.

Adults have no white in wings. Half of the flock were sold to me as Jumbo/French, the other half were not sold to me as such, but are actually bigger bodied than the ones sold to me as Jumbos!
Do you still have eggs available

Yes... but I just turned the flock out to "free range" today, as I am done collecting eggs for myself. It might make finding eggs more difficult, as they now have a large hay meadow to hide the eggs in. Send me a PM if you want me to save eggs... let me know how many eggs you want, and where I'd be mailing them to. At best I can get 5 or 6 eggs a day, assuming I can find the eggs!
Sorry to everyone who has contacted me about guinea eggs. I have been having good luck with letting the flock free range, but I cannot find any of their eggs.
I don't know how to take down this advert, but I guess I am done finding guinea eggs this season. I hope that the hens will hatch a few on their own, because I assume they are making nests somewhere.
Good review
Wcbpolish is an amazing person to work with. We bought 24 eggs from them back in July of 2017. Out of the 24 we had 16 healthy guineas hatch out on the 9th. The rest died during incubation but that was on our end, we had a power shortage, but up until then all were progressing nicely. I would love to purchase more next year I just love Guineas they have to be one of my favorite fowl.

Update: Eggs are available again! 2019 Pricing:
50 cents per egg, plus $20 for shipping (up to 48 eggs)

Fertility has not been established for 2019, but I have eggs in my incubator (set them last night) so I can try candling in a week or so, but I have a hard time candling guinea eggs.

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