Jumbo Peking Drake: Has to Go (Littleton Co)


Apr 19, 2020
Long story here actually; last October we heard tell of some domestic ducks that’d been dumped at a local lake. My brother and I went out the next day and proceeded to catch three domestic ducks (two Peking (a drake and a hen) and one Kaki Cambel (also a hen)) the two hens have settled down beautifully (named Cheese and Potato) but the drake has been nothing but trouble. He pulled off all the feathers on one of our other drake’s necks, stresses out all the females, and causes escelated *ahem* reproductive tension around the backyard. To stop the madness we banished him to the chicken coop as neither seem to bother the other. This is, however, a less than optimal solution, as he quacks his poor head off all day and just seems all around desperate to get out and about. He is a very late duck, probably close to 5-7 pounds (if not more, I’m horrible at guessing weight, but he’s probably twice the size of any of the other ducks). We’re looking for a good home for him, the price is wholly negotiable though we’re starting it at $10 simply for a place to start

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