Jumbo Pheasant?


8 Years
May 20, 2011
Are Jumbo Ring neck pheasant hybrids and as such sterile?

Is there a species of pheasant that won't breed with "wild" ring necks?
Jumbo ringnecks are....well, just BIG ringnecks! Bred for size, they are not hybrids and very capable of reproducing. Even with standard ringnecks.

Most of the other pheasant species don't make matings with ringnecks unless forced into such a situation. Far more crosses occur when hens are paired with ringneck roosters. Which , like mallard duck drakes, it seems will mount anything with feathers!

Here's what I'm trying to determine. We are developing a colonial living history program for 18-25 year old coeds. This is a ten week program and though our feeding plan includes primarily domesticated live stock, I would like to expose the students to 18th century smooth bore hunting. The problem is that the schedule is for it to run for ten weeks over the summer months. That excludes any fall hunting for native game birds. I am trying to get further information from the state fish and game as well as hunting preserves to see what regulations I have to jump through. I have thought about "wild turkey" that we raise, turn loose on the property, and though perhaps much like "fish in a barrel" the students will never the less experience "hunting, harvesting and field dressing" birds to return to the fort with, supplementing the domestic meat.

Suggestions would be helpful!

p.s. there are a great number of wild turkey here in northern Idaho "Merriam" I believe, so I need something that won't be a problem with local populations.
You will have to check with your states game regulatory agency (DNR) and see what they say. You will probably be unable to release any gamebird specie during the summer months for hunting. Plus all your students would have to have a valid hunting license.

I would approach a regulated shooting preserve and explain your program. They fall under different rules since they are a pay-to-hunt property and business. Wild turkeys would be out of the question, but you may be able to release some domestic bronze turkeys on the preserve. Slower and less wary, your chances of success would be greatly increased. It would achieve your goal, and the birds would for all purposes, still "appear" like wild birds. Plus there is little chance of them surviving and entering the local wild population.

Good Luck!

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