Jumbo X Cornish Cross chick behavior

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    Sep 18, 2010
    I have 4 day old Jumbo X cornish cross chicks, and everything I've read says they are lethargic and abnormal. I just wanted to share that mine seem just as active as other chicks I've raised, and they even played a game of keep-away with a worm this morning in the brooder (I found a tiny worm in the compost pile). They scratch and preen, and seem pretty active. This might be because they are still young, I don't know. I made a pen for them in the garden in some recently-sprouted mustard and buckwheat, where some millet had grown and dropped seeds this summer, and put them outside this afternoon for 20-30 minutes. (It was about 70 here and they were in direct sunlight, no wind). They ran around and pecked at things, ate some seeds I think, and seemed normal. They seemed to begin to get chilly (clumped together), so I brought them back under the brooder and they ate and all got ready to have a nap, nearly all 20 were asleep, until my dachshund came up and barked at my mother, who was visiting, to pick him up, and they all scattered like a wave of water away from the noise. I hope that with this early training they will forage more for themselves when I'm able to put them on pasture (for the 2 or 3 weeks after they are fully feathered before slaughter).
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    Congratulations ! You have just exposed the nonsence of the naysayers and their own lack of basic animal husbandry skills. After they are 2 weeks old you can allow them to forage but bring them in in cold / wet weather as they will not have full feathering. Also , limit their daily food ration to what they can clean up to twice a day, increasing the amounts as they grow. They will be ready to butcher at 6 - 8 weeks of age depending on what size carcass that you desire. Keep up the good work ! [​IMG]

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