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Apr 1, 2018
Central Pennsylvania
Hey all!
I'm Summer, and I'm a new chicken owner. I am also likely an idiot, but I'm here for help so go gentle on me please.

My family and I recently moved to an area where we are finally allowed to basically do whatever we want without too much in the way of ordinances and the like. And so.....chickens happened. or more specifically, chicks.

I did some research before getting the chicks, but perhaps not enough. I told my dad I was planning on getting some, and said i was going to get just 5 or 6. He said nah get 12, some will end up as roosters and some may not make it. Ok daddy :D So off to TSC I went to get 12 chicks. I told the guy which ones I wanted and he hands me the box and says "i put your free ones in there too" My...what? apparently it was buy so many get so many free and so I left with 16 chicks who are currenly fat and happy in my basement. I have the chick part under control, but while they grow I need to learn all I can and so, well, here I am.

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Aug 26, 2009
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Straight run generally = more males than you know what to do with. So he's lying to say they are all layers. Males will never lay an egg in their life. Young females - called pullets eventually become hens at a year of age.

At any rate if you have any that can't be identified. Please post photos at "what breed or gender is this," the folks there will sort them out for you.


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Sep 2, 2014
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Welcome to BYC!
By the way straight run means NOT all layers, it means mixed female and male (straight run). If it is sexed pullets they will be all layers, I always pay extra on pullets which in 5 years I only had 2 that got away (90-95% accurate) on sexing. Which when we started hatching then I got more in trouble since I tried to wing sex but only works for certain breeds.


Mar 2, 2018
Bridgton, Maine
Welcome, SummerLynn. Yep, you're in feet first all right! In something like 16-20 weeks you should start getting some eggs, so I hope you like them, have a big family, or plan to sell some. I hope your brooder is good-sized as these little babies grow darned fast (I have 12 babies so I'm already learning that.)


Apr 1, 2018
Central Pennsylvania
Chicken math....that must be similar to "multiple tank syndrome" in the aquarium worlds :p

In all seriousness, it sounds like yes I'm certifiably insane haha

Thing is, if I get a bunch of roosters....I dont know what I'm goin to do with them geez I just assumed I had a 50/50 shot on whether I'd get hens or roosters.... How old before they can be sexed?!

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