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I couldn't wait any longer!


8 "asst red pullets" and 2 "pullets" from TSC today. DD hasn't left their side since we came home! She keeps asking me if she can pick them up and play with them. I haven't let her because I've wanted them to settle in some. But later, how much can we play with them? I don't want them getting chilled or sick from being away from their box for too long.

And I know this is only the beginning. When these get out from under the lamp, I'm going to order some breeds and start all over. I figure we have room for about 40 right now... plenty of room for "chicken math" to take over!
I would love to know how much you can play with the chicks. My 2 girls who are 10 & 9yrs old cant wait to get the chicks. Heck I cant wait to get them and hold them. hehe So I would love to know what is acceptable.
Not sure about everyone else, but my chicks hate to be picked up.
Even reaching in to get food and water they go nuts
I couldn't say no any longer, so we just held a few for a minute or two apiece. Most were very calm and were okay with it. One wanted none of it, I put her right back. They still seem happy though.

The more you hold them, the more they will love you when they are older!!! My Shelly loves to be held now
Just make sure they dont get too cold!

I want them to be friendly! My dad's birds are skittish when it comes to people. Only one ever comes running for treats, and you can forget holding any of them.

I heard somewhere here, that roos can be more dangerous when they're handled more at a young age. We have 2 roos around now that are calm, and no threat to anyone not even each other. There will be no tolerance of a problem roo, if his attitude isn't quickly adjusted, the crock pot will.

Does anyone handle their chicks alot and end up with docile boys?​
I usually give them a 24 hours rest period to settle in - then the handling begins. Just for short spurts, and always at least two at a time - they don't like to be on their own. Enjoy!

I have an extremely calm polish roo, but im pretty sure that's mainly because he can't see very well. I have always held him and continue to do so. I can turn him on his back and rub his wattles and put him to sleep. He's the best.

As I said in a other thread, some chickens will never like to be held, no matter how much you handle them, but they still come running for treats and squat for me. When they squat, I can usually grab them. My EE HATED to be held as a chick and runs for me to hold her now. I held my austrolorpe constantly as a chick and now she absolutely hates to be picked up. Go figure.

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