June 11, 2011 Schuylkill Haven, PA ~ Exotic Auction

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    Passing along info for the next exotic auction in Sch. Haven, PA. The last one in March was a lot of fun and the turnout was incredible.

    ~ Nik

    Saturday June 11th


    Summer Exotic livestock auction!!!

    10am till all sold Commission Today only 15%

    consignors paid out same night of the sale

    accepting for consignment exotic rabbits, doves, quail, fancy pigeons,chickens, turkey, ducks, guinea fowl, peacocks, pheasants, sheep,pigs, goats, calves, geese, emu, ostrich,as well as domestic, snakes, lizards, mice, rats, birds such as lovebirds, canaries, finches, keets, tiels, parrots, cockatoo, conures, etc.

    starting at 10am Cages, feed, hay, straw, hatching eggs, brooders, hutches, supplies, anything farm related followed by boxes of poultry, animals,exotic livestock ...etc. 4pm large animals sold and back to poultry caged animals etc

    Please note we get a lot of animals for this sale and we can only sell in the order received please come early and do not ask to sell your animals earlier....Any questions on auction email [email protected]

    Animals are accepted beginning at

    4pm to 10 pm friday june 10th

    also from 8am till 9am on day of sale none accepted after 10am

    Thanks for your support

    Requirements for your animals ,animals must be healthy,they need to be in a wired cage ,no cardboard boxes unless one whole side is wired or fenced

    Large animals need collars ,Any animals that need numbers or paperwork must be done before you bring to the auction.

    all animals are to be sold in thier cages, we will not sell the animal then the cage it came in,they must stay together ..Also if you have set price in mind we do have a buyback fee of 2.50 for each no reserves....

    Also we do pay out the same night but not till the end of the sale if you wish to have check sent bring self addressed envolope with stamp and we will send it to you..

    Our Last AUCTION WE HAD over 500 bidders from, PA,NJ,NY,MD,VA,OH, and they Came to buy dont miss this huge sale we had over 700 diffrent boxes of animals. We aslo can post pics of your consignments on this ad but need to email auctioneer at [email protected] Location Renninger's Farmers Market

    Route 61- Renningers Way

    Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972

    Terms of payment: Cash, Pre-Approved Checks, Visa & Mastercard accepted.

    ...... Family Owned Auction......

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