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Welcome to the June 2017 Chicken Show!
Here's the rules and info:
  • No more than three pics per person
  • Chicks and chickens of any breed and age can enter.
  • Please try not to have more than one chicken in a picture.
  • This show is just for chickens; Please don't post ducks etc.
  • Please post with info about the chicken (example below)
  • The clearer the picture the better
  • All BYC rules apply
  • If your picture came 1st, 2nd or 3rd in the April 2017 Chicken Show or the May 2017 Chicken Show you can't enter it again

Here's an example of the info:


Name: Ruby
Age: 2 weeks
Breed: Easter Egger
If you don't know the age just put Unknown.

If you don't know the breed just put Mixed or Hybrid.

The competition will end on the 30th of June

Ready, Set, Enter!
Hello @Jetblack2004,


Here is my Buff Brahma hen, Roxy!
She is eight months old.

Thank you for making this contest!
Your contests are always awesome!

-The Angry Hen

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