Jungle Fowl, Aseel (Asil), Shamo and Malay...Any tips? Experience?

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    Feb 9, 2018
    I ordered my first EVER straight-from-hatchery order today. Until now I've always added on to the local feed store, etc.

    I went through IDEAL primarily because they are the only hatchery I could find that had the breeds I wanted at a price I could afford. I have heard they aren't the best so I am a little nervous. I'm expecting the chickens to be very watered down versions of what their subspecies and/or breed should be.

    I needed the unusual/gamey breeds as part of the study I am currently immersed in on chicken cognition, emotional and sociality. Essentially, I am looking into the behavioral variance of the species across breeds and geographic origin. That said, I don't have much experience with the more aggressive and/or wild-natured chicken breeds so I was hoping to latch on to the experience of someone else!

    They all will have their own coops as a primary living space. I have one cockerel/two pullets coming for each of the game breeds, and eight of the red jungle fowl as straight runs. Will the game cocks try to kill each other through two layers of wire and a space between coops of about 4-6 feet? I can easily put plastic in between so it's not an issue, but I would like to know ahead of time.

    Any information about any of these breeds is deeply appreciated!
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    I only had a Red Jungle Fowl pullet a while back.. Had to pass on the rooster, because not allowed in town. Rooster sure was showy in colors. I wanted that pullet soo much I had to pay the person just about the price he wanted for the pair. Most peeps do not want to separate for obvious reasons. I cant keep roosters for different obvious reasons.
    I am currently looking for another pullet, but have not ran across one in my area.
    I keep chickens as pets, (small flock) so have no desire to order a large assortment of chickens from a hatchery.
    My RJF hen got along with my other assorted hens with no incidents.
    I did not have any of the other breeds you mention. Aseel rosters I understand are used in roster fighting as I have read about that breed. I would not get any roosters anyways, but would like to try a hen.
    The Shamo, is also a fighting rooster. I may be in error, but thought that they grow to be nearly 3 feet tall. (some species, not all) I have no desire for such tall birds.
    WISHING YOU BEST....... :highfive:
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    I just ordered some Aseels, RJF and Saipans from Ideal. They arrived healthy last week until both brooder lamps burned out the same night and I lost 10. I ordered replacements, and was wondering if you had any pictures of yours now that they are nearing a month old. They were all mixed, and I couldn't tell the difference in the Aseel and the RJF. One was almost solid black with red tint, while the other light colored with dark markings.
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    I am into the behavioral sciences as well. American Games are my primary interest and similar in some ways to the oriental games.

    Be prepared to isolate even females from each other. I would make certain pens are separated by at least 18" or have solid partition making it so birds in adjacent pens cannot reach other.

    The games and jungle fowl will surprise you with respect to intelligence. The jungle fowl I had seemed like crows when it comes to complexity of communications. I had crows growing up.
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    Aug 16, 2013
    The hatchery ones are significantly diluted in all of the mentioned varieties. Some may even contain none of the above mentioned varieties, just look like them. Not as much attention to separating them may be warranted. If I sold day old chicks from most of my oriental games, people would get a box of parts by the time they got there. Without a hen to keep the peace they will tear each other apart even as day olds. They are no different than regular chicks, who are just as prone to pecking order disputes. The difference is that these disputes don't end at a peck on the head and submission from a subdominant. The ability to submit to another is lacking. If the hatchery birds were pure, they would have to house them in pairs, and as they lay a limited number of eggs, they would need lots of pairs to fill orders. I don't see the price as being any less than $75 for each day old chick to turn a profit. Or you could just cross them on leghorn and fill those orders.

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