Jungle fowl w sinus infection

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    Nov 17, 2009
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    Starting a new thread since my last with swollen earlobes was wrong.

    Isis my hen has a sinus infection. She is 8 years old. Treating w warm water and hydrogenperoxide soaks 2X daily, was on neosporine but switched to bag balm from suggestions. Her sinus area one side was the size of a cheerio and has since done down. At first I pulled a scab off connected to a log honeycomb area of infection abpit 1/2 inch long. the hole was size of a marble. It also leaked blood. Since the soaks and baytril they have gone WAY down. Right side small feathers covering it are back and the swellings really really down.

    Also started 5 days ago Baytril liquid 2X a day. Have seen hugh improvement. She is very bright hangs out with the 2 other older hens and rooster 10.

    So has anyone else had this? How is it caused and how long to be all well?

    I'm in west Townsend MA and it's going to down to the 20's at night.

    The vet said Baytril for the next 3-4 weeks and said she is considered very ill.

    ANY suggestions welcome. I really want to save this bird. I have had her since she was hatched and there are no new birds and no one else is sick.



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