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Feb 11, 2009
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We took an old jungle gym off a friends hands last year and it has sat in the corner of our property. Well, we needed a quarantine for the new chickens we plan to add to our flock, and my husband had the brilliant idea of converting the jungle gym to a coop. I think it's great for a scrap project


The strucure was already there, we just added the upper walls and the roof, and presto, a temporary coop was born



We still need to add windows, but it is ready for our new birds!
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What a great use of an old unused item. The creativity of people on this forum amazes me. Great job!!

Thanks! We are really happy with our 2nd coop. We call it the Bachelor Pad, since this is where the new roosters are living in quarantine until we can introduce them to our gals!
We now have six babies occupying our "Summer Coop". Our son's school hatched baby chicks, and we gave them a home. Once they are a little bigger, we will introduce them to our resident flock!
I love the idea of a hamburger chicken house! Your hubby is a party pooper

I used to play in one of those at McDonalds (or was it BK?) and I could FIT THRU those openings. I don't think I could do that now...after 2 kids and upteen glasses of wine...oh and the smores on the fire pit, the Cadburry mini eggs...oh all those tasty items.

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