Just a black racer update.


🙄🤚 Loving life 💜
May 3, 2019
my Dorian is now Mamba, love that name! Mamba has gotten prettier every day. He is a about 3 feet and is definitely well fed! Doesn’t bite much, but will act like he will strike (but he never does) I can even touch his nose when he goes into the strike position. I have a picture of him not wanting to come out of his cage:

I remember I was gonna name him Dorian, but he is now mamba, thanks for the name though.
He is such a good boy, he sits on my shoulder when we walk around at the neighbors houses, or go to the neighborhood by us. He barely bites, but has his moments. :rolleyes: I just got him a giant cage, it is giant, almost five feet in width, it’s hard to clean! :barnie But, it is worth all the trouble to keep him, he is the best pet I could have asked for!:love

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