Just A Country Boy Here from the South whose migrated to Wichita KS.


7 Years
Oct 30, 2012
Wichita ks
Hi, I'm a southern country boy who now lives in the big city of Wichita Ks after completing my Masters course work. I am a sucker for the farm life even though its hard work i really enjoy it. Since I don't have farm land here, I'm deciding to bring the farm to the city. I haven't raised chickens before just cows, horses, goats rabbits and dogs. I'm going to try to raise chickens in my back yard. I don't have chickens or a coop yet but I'm going to build one or buy a coop... Probably build one I'm very good with my hands ( Free Scrap Wood and old equipment Appreciated ) LOL.... Chickens: after doing my research, I want dual purpose layers Rhode Island Reds and Sussex then in a few years I'll get meat birds (Broilers). please feel free to introduce yourself because I feel like i might need a Chicken Mentor... I have Raising chickens for dummies, building chicken coops for dummies as books and a couple other chicken coop building books.... once Again HELLO all look forward to hearing from you.

Welcome! Come on over to the Consolidated Kansas site. There's a really great group of us there and some of us have lots of experience. We're a chatty bunch, just jump in. Lots of experienced people there with answers for everything. I started my flock in February of this year and they've guided me every step of the way. Again, welcome!
Greetings from a fellow Kansan, CountryBoy47, and
! Always great to welcome another Kansan (even if you just moved in) to BYC!! Best of luck to you!! I think you will enoy this site!
Hello from Oregon & welcome to BYC. You will meet lots of people willing to give you all kinds of info on this site.

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