Just a couple of pics I got tonight


10 Years
Oct 19, 2009
These are the chicks I got from Tractor Supply. I've got no idea what kind they are but they are so pretty and very friendly.


I love this one with her beak wide open <3

This is my RIR - my sweet little roo who used to spend the evening on my husbands belly sleeping while we watched tv. Now he's a meany who thinks he's bigger than everyone else. His days are numbered
I call him Red Bologna

All the hens were in the coop while the roos were out keeping watch so I only got roo pics.


My nephew wanted to take this one home with him when he was a chick. He lives in an efficency apartment. I don't think a chick would make a great pet. I told him he could have it but we would keep it and name it after him. So, meet Caleb.

This is the only hen that was out tonight. This is my Americana. She lays a beautiful green egg for me. Her name is Atilla the Hen


Now the next pictures are of the little chicks I got from the local elementary school. The kids incubated the eggs which were donated from the University of Kentucky. I think the chicks are Leghorns. They are tiny little guys/gals. I got 38 of them. I built the little coop/run for them out of some pallets. It's the first time I built anything out of wood. It isn't perfect but it works. My flock is free ranged but these guys are too young to be out with the rest but I don't want them to miss out. It's so nice outside and they're only out there for a while so it works for now...and before anyone points it out, all the other sides of the coop are hardware cloth but I ran out so had to use what I had for now so chicken wire it was.


As you can see, some of the little chicks slipped through the chicken wire
. Looks like I need to fix that sooner than later. Come on pay day! Aren't they the cutest little things!!


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