Just a few more days... is everything ok?

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    Hey there! I have a Hovabator Genesis and I've been following it's directions very carefully since I put the eggs in. The humidity has stayed between 50-55% for the first two weeks. The temp is 100 in the center and 99 on the outer eggs. I candled the eggs and the air cell has clearly shrunk (maybe not as much as I'd like, but it's close to what it should be). The babies are dancing in their eggs, and only one has died so far (at about day 10, black ring formed and the baby died two days later). Do you think they're ok? For some reason I've just recently started worrying. Maybe it's because the hatch is going to start on Thursday (day 18!) and I'm worried that it won't turn out well! They seem a little behind. I know day 18 isn't the official day to hatch, but I know that they CAN hatch then and they just don't seem ready. Less than half the egg is full of chick. The rest is albumen and veins.

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    Patience my dear, some will hatch on Day 19 (rare for me but it happens) and Day 22 to 23.

    After Day 25 I toss the eggs out.

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