Just a Funny - One Hen Still Thinks She's a Chick


8 Years
Jul 10, 2011
I have two Americauna pullets, almost or just barely full-grown. They could start laying any day. They're sisters and the more timid one still treats the bolder one like her mom. At night, I look in the coop and the timid one is asleep under the bolder one!
And I'm, like, "Uh, girls, you're growed-ups now. You can cut that out and start laying eggs." Hmmm, maybe if they had a boyfriend they'd broaden their horizons?
On the bright side, the timid one has started fighting back when the bold one tries to boss her around, so I guess they are growing up a little!
You'll always have one chicken who is dominant - there has to be a "pecking order". If you're going to get a rooster, consider getting more hens too. With only 2 hens to service, he's likely to run them ragged!

PS One of my Araucana bantams suddenly decided to sleep under my Light Sussex, much to the LS's discomfort - but she kindly puts up with it, even though she's not the mothering kind!

Funny girls!
Yeah, we can't get a rooster until we move out of the 'burbs, but we can get one more hen, according to municipality code. They'd probably gang up on her though, huh?
Being sisters and all.

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