Just a laid back kitty, or something else?

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    I have this kitten, I don't mention her much because *cough* I'm not supposed to be keeping her [​IMG] I told myself no more than two cats in the house, but she's going on 4ish months old and hasn't gone anywhere [​IMG], I've had her since she was about 14-20 days old, I bottle fed her and her sister. Her name is Harren.

    anyways, she's longhaired and I have determined (as well as the vet) that she has the short-legged (munchkin) gene.

    she has issues using the litter box so she may become an outdoor cat in the spring, I only have 3 outdoor cats now, they've steadily disapeared [​IMG]

    she's been to the vet, once and she has a clean bill of health, no longer has any fleas, no worms, feline lukemia neg. ect.

    but she is EXTREMELY...well,I dunno, she gets along with Paint and Emry, but she won't play with them, she doesn't really play with toys, anyway, she eats, sleeps, and drinks, and that's it, she's not "slow", theres no shaking, anything like that, she acts like a normal cat only she's more like a living throw rug.

    you can do anything to her, bathe her, clip her claws, toss her around [​IMG] and she takes it, for a four month old kitten, she sleeps on average of 17-19 hours a day, when she's not eating, or pooping on my floor [​IMG] she's asleep.

    I thought about getting another kitten (been thinking about it anyway [​IMG], to livin her up, but I dunno, she doesn't ACT bored.

    any ideas??, I don't wanna have to put her outside in spring only to have her plop down asleep somewhere and get eaten, because you can pick this cat up WHILE she's a sleep, carry her across the room, and when you put her down, THEN she wakes up.
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    I wonder if there's some Rag Doll cat in the mix?
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    Quote:her face looks sort of persian...ish.

    I'm not sure at all, I found the kittens in town, close to where my mom lives, up on a hill, there are alot of cats there, some look like maincoons, persians, ragdolls ect. atleast 20 cats who live in and around a small park up there.

    there were some cats living around my mothers house as well, that have since disapeared/died off and I wouldn't doubt that the cats up on the hill are related.

    they mostly looked like maincoons/persians.

    but from what i hear the population dates back atleast 30 years, meaning the cats there now are decendents of cats from 30 years ago. so who really knows WHAT they are, I saw one that looked like a purebred bengal years ago, but it was never seen again.

    I forget to mention, that she doesn't scratch on anything, nor does she like to climb, or jump, so I have to cut her nails ALL the time.

    she used to play, climb AND jump as a kitten, she was completely normal

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