Just a pretty pullet...5-7 hatching eggs...for fun!


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Sep 25, 2007
This auction is for 5-7 eggs out of an Isa Brown hen (production red) and a splash Jersey Giant rooster. This particular Isa Brown is an awesome layer - she lays 28 days straight, then takes a day or two off, and does it all again. She also laid straight through winter (which, living in Michigan, is unsusual!).

I only hatched one, and was lucky to have gotten a pullet. She's now 9 weeks old and I just can't wait to see if she inherited her mother's laying ability! My hope is that the eggs will be quite large (like my Jersey Giant eggs) and that she's a prolific layer (like her mother). As she has matured, she's grown into such a pretty pullet, I thought what the heck - why don't I offer up a few of her eggs? So, this auction is "just for fun!"

I believe the gal in these pics was fathered by my Splash Jersey Giant rooster - I also have a Blue Jersey Giant rooster, but I moved this gal's momma into a pen with the Splash Giant when I separated out the breeder pens for this spring. That was only two weeks ago, so if she was bred by the blue, it's possible the offspring will be fathered by him (although the splash boy has been doing his roosterly duties quite well).

Here are a few more pics - she's white with a buff chest and has splashes of black:

In this pic, you can see the large patch of black toward her tail and her lovely buff & white breast:



As with any hatching egg auction, I cannot guarantee hatchability once the eggs leave my farm; I do my very best to collect often and eggs are properly stored prior to shipping. I do not skimp on packaging - it's just not worth it.

PayPal only auction - eggs to be mailed out Tuesday, March 15.
Payment must be received by end of business on Monday, March 14.

I'm going to be setting some of her eggs after this auction, because I just cannot bear to not have more just like her! She just keeps getting prettier & prettier!!

ETA: I should also say this gal is a big one - she was hatched along with some Black Copper Marans, and she's larger than all the pullets, and almost as large as the largest cockerel!
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I just received these eggs in the mail this morning! Big fatty, fat, fat, gorgeous eggs. All individually bubble wrapped in a nest in the box layered in bubble wrap. I have had the best hatching results with eggs sent this way...and have been sending my own eggs this way. I was pleasantly suprised and hold high hopes for this batch.

These chickens should be a wonderful addition to any layer flock. I sure can't wait!

The two eggs on the left are from my NH and BO. The four eggs on the right are Wynette's Isa/JG eggs. Can you see how much fatter the Isa eggs are? FAT. They completely fill out the carton.

Muggs, um...not quite sure, but did you mean they are FAT?

Thanks for the kind comments!!! BEST of good hatching vibes comin' your way!
I have had the misfortune of getting torpedo eggs for months now! I'm still baffled at how FAT those eggs are.
I have 7 eggs for this auction, and I'm sure this gal will lay again today as she lays pretty much every day!

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