Just a thread to say that our little girl has died (chicken)


In the Brooder
7 Years
Oct 1, 2012
We have no idea what it was she caught, but it definately had something to do with her feathers and skin as there seemed to be only half of her! At first, she was fine, but rapidly deteriated and even though she was picking up, I guess her brain was doing this due to her having convulsions etc.

Just checked on her again, and she has finally passed away, which I am so glad for as the poor girl was suffering so much at one point.

All our other chickens are well and none are moulting which tells us that it had something to do with that.
OMG - so sorry !

I just sent you a message when I saw the original thread, she is at peace now and at least you did not have to intervene - thinking of you!


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