Just about to put the siding on my coop- last minute suggestions?

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    May 28, 2008
    Ok, our Chook Cottage ( [​IMG] just thought of that today [​IMG] ) is just about to get the wire around the perimeter to be buried one foot, plus one foot bent out, then we put the siding on... I've got 1/4 " hardware cloth over the outside of the windows attached to the framing that will also be covered by the siding (plexiglass slider windows operated from the inside). There is 1/4 " hardware cloth underneath to prevent anything from chewing through the floorboards (cinderblock foundation with a "crawlspace" of sorts [all 6 inches or so of it]). Anything I'm forgetting before we take these final steps? We do still after that have the doors to make. One people door, one popout door separate in the wall next to the people door.

    Coop is 8x8 with shed/lean-to roof and is 7 feet tall at the lowest point. It has celestory windows along the front/high part (over the door area) and I'll hardware cloth on the framing inside to protect that area. We're going to put metal, closable vents along the top of the walls for ventilation.

    Back out to work!
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    Sounds good to me - got any pics?? Good luck with the final touches - you will have some very spoiled chickens in there!

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