just accidentally witnessed my chicken laying an egg


7 Years
Jul 27, 2012
I was going to let them out when I noticed only one of them was in the run
So I openned the nest box thinking she might be in the coop on the roost for some reason but no she was in the nest box, she saw me, she dropped her egg. Didn't even make a sound.
That's hilarious, I can just imagine the expression on her face! "Don't you people knock!"
I often think they really like their privacy. Mine go in the coop one at a time to lay their egg. Then the next one goes when the coop is clear, and so on and so forth. Funny that they all lay in the same spot.:cd
Last week I witnessed an egg being laid. One of my EE/Ameraucanas (Curly) had been in the top nesting box for a while. Mabeline tried to get her to move out or over. I decided to watch. Mabeline squeezed in beside Curly. She sat for about 15 seconds and then stood with her butt very close to the opening. I could see the blue egg shell in her vent. The egg dropped just inside the nesting box. While Mabeline was standing there, Curly looks over and pulls the egg under her. Mabeline looks down and around, but no egg. As I'm laughing, Mabeline hops out, Curly stands and drops her egg. So cool! Wish I had my smart phone with me to video the event.
I accidentily seen one of my chickens lay too! Everyday around the same time they lay and I go to let them out. (I leave them in the coop until they lay). Well, I went to check on them and two of them were in the nest box. One of them (Popcorn) squawked at me! What I am finding out is that chickens have their own language and each vocalization means something. I have now learned the "HEY! I am laying an egg. Get the heck out!" Squawk.

So I gave them a little time. When I went back I opened the door and sure enough the other chicken "Big mama" was half way through the process. She spread her wings and out plopped an egg!

It was crazy. I love having chickens :)
lol I just finally witnessed a hen laying too about a month ago. I walked into the coop and saw one of the girls was sitting funny, so I went over to make sure she was ok.
Me: "Hey, girl--you ok?"
Chicken: Buck buck buck...*thump*
Me: "Ohhhhh..."
Hehe I watched my shaver lay too, i walked up to her (she wasn't in the nest) and went to pet her not thinking, all i see is a puffed up hen looking tense the i got a BUUUCCCKKK! CRACK! she was on a metal shelf about 1.5 meters up with her bottom hanging over the edge........no eggs on toast for me!

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