just acquired a Leahy Favorite 426 and can't figure out wet bulb?


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Jun 17, 2010
Thief River Falls, MN
I just bought a Leahy Favorite 426 and can't figure out how the web bulb works. It has two thermomoters, which I believe are for heat temperature. And in the middle of them is a small glass tube with a little cup at the bottom, which I assume is for the wick. Does anyone know if I am supposed to have some type of thermometer behind or next to this as well? Or how it works?

I have a copy of the manual but can't quite understand how it works. It says to Place mouth of glass tube 1/2 inch from bulb of wet bulb themometer. Is this a separate thermometer, that is perhaps missing?

Then: immerse tube, holding it in a horizontal postion; slowly lower one end nd then the other until is is full. Refill whenever necessary. I assume I do this before I put it in the bator?

Also with the trays I have 4 with egg positioner, one just flat and on with metal slats that go horizontally, are these for laying eggs flat?


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Apr 10, 2011
we've got a leahy, sold under the brower name in 1956.

it has 2 thermometers, one being a wet bulb. there is a tube approximately as long as the thermometer running up along side the thermometer, and it makes a j-turn at the bottom, with a wick going from the tube around the bulb of the thermometer. when there is water in the tube (i am unable to figure out how to fill the tube, just able to put a bit in the bottom, enough to wet the wick), the thermometer will show a reading, that when compared with the dry bulb thermometer's reading on a chart (that i will try to find), will show you the humidity.

for instance, when the dry bulb is showing 99 degrees, the wet bulb was showing 90 degrees. those two readings when used on the chart, show the humidity to be 70%.

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