Just added some new features to the coop


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Mar 7, 2011
Fort Worth, Tx
I just a made 2 bucket nesting boxes and the hens are loving them. I got the idea here on BYC
It is a great and inexpensive way to make some nesting boxes! we also added a little perch we got off of an old nesting box

If any one has trouble on finding what to use to hang up a hanging feeder you can use a double sided metal latch, it also makes it easy to take the hanging feeder off to clean. Here are some pics

the bucket nesting boxes with the perch from the old boxes

the old nesting box

the double sided hook i use for all my hanging feeders, i got them at TSC
We plan to make some more nesting boxes this weekend
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Fantastic! I am on my second type of nesting box, and they still don't like it.
Going to try the bucket tomorrow...thanks for the great idea.
I am starting to love the idea of buckets for nest boxes - Your's look really nice, are they attached to the wall? I'm trying to figure out how to make the buckets removable for cleaning but stable enough so they don't roll around. BTW, I use the double clip to hang my feeder too! My husband suggested it and it works great!

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