Just adopted some chickens - gender/breed?


9 Years
Jun 10, 2010
I've always wanted chooks out the back, not only for eggs but as pets for myself and son - so when a woman in my town advertised four free chooks and a coop, I jumped at the chance. Only she didn't give me much information (I didn't think to ask at the time!) so I have no idea what breed they are, and I have a suspicion that one might not be a hen (I think the term is roo?)
They were advertised as bantams, 2 months off lay.
Three are black, two of which have a sort of "hat" of feathers - very cute! One of these also has light feathering on it's feet and visible comb - the suspected male (I really have no idea though.) We haven't named the black chooks yet, we're still trying to tell which is which.
The fourth is a beautiful golden colour with feathered feet and a big fluffy bum
She is very cute and we named her Peanut.






The one at the front here, I'm worried might be male - the shape and feathering just seems different from the other two. Please say I'm wrong!


Sorry the photos aren't very good, the chickens wouldn't let me get close. I will attempt some more better photos soon (after reading Wynette's post I realised these probably aren't very helpful.)
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I'd say not-great quality Buff Brahma and black polish (with the crest). Don't know about your two other blackies. They all look like hens, though
Buff Brahma , Black Polish Mix, Another black mix, and I cant tell the other black one.
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Thanks everyone! I'm not fussed on breeding, they're my first chooks so I'm just excited regardless. And they're cute despite being a bit rough around the edges
Just don't want a rooster! Hope you're right on that fact at least!
they all appear to be yound hens. buff brahma, polish, and perhaps the blacks are old english game. you were very lucky to get these chickens. I am wondering if they might be bantams if so they will make great pets.

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