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10 Years
Feb 12, 2009
Hey all, ok, this idea just popped into my head while browsing through the Emu threads again...not sure why I never thought of it before.

Anyway, since there are now maybe 8-10 or even more of us raising Emu and/or hatching them.....why don't we cut out the middle man and ship/share eggs amongst ourselves???? Meaning, once everyone has mature emu's that are breeding and laying eggs, we can offer them up here to each other, for biodiversity of our flocks, etc etc.

We could do trade for trade..one egg for one egg, two for two, etc. and each person would cover shipping and that would be the only cost....I would see this as a great benefit to those of us serious about raising emu. That way we wouldn't have to shuck out the $20-24 a piece that we all are currently paying. I hear good things about this industry rebounding and eggs will then only get more expensive, so I think it would be wonderful for us to trade between each other.

Any thoughts, opinions, etc.

Well. I'll need a female first but if that ever happens and I live long enough for her to start laying, count me in!
I would think the list would probably start with the folks that have the oldest birds, and we'd work in the newbies as they have maturing/egg laying birds.

so first on the list would most likely start with names like:


(anyone else that I missed, that might now have at least year old or better birds)

and then like I said, the newer folks who are only starting to set Emu eggs now, can join in in the next couple years when they have mature birds. I'd think we could really get some diversity going across the country this way, and like I said, not have to pay $20 an egg plus shipping. sort of a Pony Express of emu eggs!!

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Supermommy would you like to be included on the "Trade" list?

I will start an "actual" for real list once I hear from everyone that they'd like to do this.

Here's the start of people who said they'd be in on the trade idea for sure:(people who have birds laying now, or very close to it)

1. Flyweed (me)
2. Chickenzoo

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