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  1. JamieandShady

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    May 7, 2007
    Oak Hill TX
    I'm a newbie and I am overwhelmed at the breadth of knowledge on this forum! You people are smart! And I was just thinking...since chickens are great for gardeners (eat bugs, make fertilizer etc) most of you must have some gardening knowledge, and there should be some sort of gardening folder on this site...I know I have many questions such as how long should you wait for the chicken poo to decompose before you put it in your garden etc...

    Just a thought.
  2. birdlover

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    Jan 11, 2007
    Northern Va.
    Welcome to BYC Jamie and Shady!! Glad you found us! I don't have a vegetable garden...only flowers...and those are fa-ar away from where my chickens hang out! They free range out back and I don't try to grow anything there! Flowers are out front or on balcony. [​IMG] Soo, I just wanted to say WELCOME! Oh! I live in Oak Hill, too...Oak Hill, Virginia, that is!

  3. justusnak

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    Feb 28, 2007
    South Eastern Indiana
    Hiya and welcome to the BYC. Chicken poo is considered "hot" and should not be put directly on a garden. It is also high in nitrogen, and will cause the plants to grow, but not produce veggies. Composting the poo and straw, or whatever you use for litter in the coop is a better idea. I compost mine all summer, then in the fall, till it into the garden.
  4. Nifty-Chicken

    Nifty-Chicken Administrator

    That's sounds like a doable thing (creating a gardening section). I'll run it by the other mods and see what they think. I personally think it would be a great addition and would tie in really well with the other content on the site without detracting from the main focus.

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