Just another newby chick-a-doodle from the land of Okies :)


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8 Years
Mar 10, 2011
Hey y'all!

I got a handful of chickies about a week ago. They're still so little they live in a plastic box inside a cage in the house.... the double barrier is needed because the cats and the dogs would like to snack on the wee ones..... if the weather keeps warming up, though, they'll be living in the barn before long... and later on in whatever coop/run we fix for them... *if* they live that long, that is. I've lost two of the original bunch and have replaced them with THREE new ones... :O

So, when I get past the spam filter thingy I'll post some pics so y'all smart ones can tell me what the heck I have in my cage. All I know they're bantams, and different colors. Two with feathered feet, others clean.... that helps a lot, doesn't it :O


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