Just bought 4 baby chick half breed long island reds

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by achillevassallo, Jan 23, 2015.

  1. achillevassallo

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    Jan 23, 2015

    Question: Can I feed them bread crumbs?

    Is the lamp to close to the chicks?

    Any suggestions on what to feed them?

    How long should I leave lamp on for them?

    Why haven't they eaten I've only had them for like an hour?
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    They need chick starter ASAP! If you can/t get it tonight, try finely chopped scrambled eggs. They need water asap and you will have to dip the beak of each chick into the water dish. the dish should be shallow with marbles or pebbles in it so they don't drown. Get a quart waterer so that you aren't refilling the dish every two hours. It's hard to tell whether the lamp is too close, the temp should be 95* in there but with an area where the chicks can move away if they are too hot. If they are all huddling together, they might be cold.
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  4. DylansMom

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    Chick starter medicated with amprolium is what you need to feed them.

    They need to be between 90-95 degrees, so if you have a thermometer stick it in the box and see what the temp is, too hot or too cold can kill them.

    Each week you can lower the temperature by 5 degrees, most people accomplish this by raising the lamp a bit so it is farther away. They need heat until that weekly 5 degree decrease gets you down to ambient room temp.

    How old are they? Chicks can go 4-5 days from hatch before eating, they are actually still digesting what is left of the egg yolk. If they are only a day or two old, you needn't worry just yet. You may need to show them how to eat and drink by dipping their beaks in the food and water so they get a taste of it. If they are too hot they may not eat either.
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    Good luck with your new chicks! I would definitely get chick starter feed as soon as possible. Bread should only be fed as a treat, and probably shouldn't be fed until they are older.
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    The other posters have already given you some good advice. The correct feed for your chicks is a nutritional medicated chick starter. Chopped hard-boiled eggs will do in a pinch, but shouldn't be a long term solution. You can feed them some bread crumbs, but don't overdo it--bread crumbs should only be treats.

    Good luck with them!
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    I hope u are doing ok. Saw your post. Lift your head up high, rejoyce your a child of the King.

    So how many chickens do u have?

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