Just bought pullet, now sneezing and extending neck.

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    I'm new to chickens and have a lot to learn. I bought mine as chicks and have never had a problem. They are 8 months old. But I wanted a few more and found an ad for some "healthy" welsummers. I picked them up yesterday and talked to the seller about their health. I wanted to make sure that they were healthy -- even though the ad said they were. I asked a few questions, and the seller ended up telling me that some birds had a respiratory issue about a month ago, and all the birds were given antibiotics. The one dead bird was sent to the poultry lab for testing, and they said that the antibiotics were correct for what the infection was.

    Well, that was when I should have said, "nevermind." I didn't realize that respiratory stuff in chickens was chronic. So now I get these 4 welsummers home, and today one of them is sneezing pretty often (every 30 seconds to a minute) and stretching her neck up and out with her beak open. I'm assuming that is her doing the "pump handle respirations" b/c of respiratory distress? So now what do I do?! I have not put them with my other hens of course, so mine are hopefully safe. Do I try to return the Welsummers? If the seller won't take them should I cull them? Is it even worth treating them -- I really don't want mine to get sick.

    And yes, I've learned my lesson. Yes, I realize I should have asked these questions before I went to get the chickens. I just wanted a few more but now know the best is go back to the hatchery, raise my babies, and wait the 5 months for laying!

    thanks in advance!

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    Definitely return them and disinfect everything including you. Let this be a lesson and order info from the USDA on biosecurity. It's free for the asking. Never buy birds from people you don't know or trust. I have only one person I trust other than her no one. We hatch our own chicks.

    Always use caution.


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