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Just Bragging about my assorted backyard chickens… Chick and Adult/ Young Adult pics <3 Picture heav

Discussion in 'Pictures & Stories of My Chickens' started by HetaChick, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. HetaChick

    HetaChick Songster

    May 31, 2011
    Yup. Chickens.

    My newest Fuzzy, should be female. (Hatchery sexed from McMurray) "Buffy" The Buff Orpington
    This is her now. She's about a week older that the previous picture. I "rescued" her when I found her gasping for air in a box of just in chicks at a feed store. ^^ Glad to say she's thriving now.
    My handsome Mr. Rooster. LOL. Original, right?

    He's so tall he just lays down to eat grass LOL. And he's still just a chick. He crows now though <3 Pretty sure he's a Shamo but the oriental game birds look very similar to me @[email protected]
    Mr. Rooster as a chick.


    This is Aiko and Yuki. Aiko is the brown one, she is also the little chick in my profile. She's still tiny. She's an OEGB mix.[​IMG]

    Aiko as a Chick.
    This is Yuki. She's really shy but if you cuddle her she falls asleep instantly. She's probably a shamo mix. Yuki and Mr. Rooster were supposed to be mottled - they were as chicks - but they have such little white mottling it looks more like dandruff. Oh well.

    Yuki as a chick. (she the one who is snoozing and is mostly white at the top right)
    She still has a black dot on each nostril.

    And finally Miss. Chicken. She is a bird with the biggest attitude I have ever seen. And she knows just how to black mail me. She egg clucks whenever she wants something from me… whether it is to be let out or in. She chases my moms dog, "preens" my hair with deadly force and demands to know what I am doing when I am in the yard. And if I lay down, she immediately pecks at me. She doesn't mind being picked up and demands that she sleeps in a cage in my room. When I tried to put her with the others in the garage mini coop, she egg clucks until I bring her in.

    From early January she hatched Yuki, Aiko, and Mr. Rooster. The other chicks were given to good homes. It was about 50/50 roosters and hens too.

    Miss. Chicken as a chick.


    And this was the day I brought home Miss. Chicken. Looks a lot different huh? Sorry for image quality on her chick pics, were taken mostly with my phone or iPod.

    If i'm lucky, my two eggs will hatch and I will add 2 more to this collection of birdies. I swear, all of their personalities are so distinct, it's crazy. Since they are pets, I really notice it too. I hope you enjoyed the pictures. ^^
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  2. aoxa

    aoxa Crowing

    Adorable flock! I especially love Miss Chicken :love
  3. Kevin565

    Kevin565 Crowing Premium Member

    Dec 22, 2009
    Beautiful Photos!
  4. Thanks for the nice pictures and story [​IMG]

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