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Crow-ded house

May 2, 2016
Bartlesville, OK
Just wanted to brag on Mr Spot. He is almost 3 yrs old and the perfect roo. He tidbits for his ladies, covers them after romancing them. He has never shown aggression and he gives warnings to his girls if he senses danger and stands there to protect them. He does not mind strangers and comes when called and allows us to pet him. This morning the two female guineas that are in his run had a spat and he walked over and made a noise and they broke it up and went their way peacefully. Lol he even snuggled the vet that time we thought his foot was hurt but it was ok. There are roos out there that are an absolute joy to have. Not all are evil tempered. He has been such a good boy I felt I had to brag on my roo.

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