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    I am a proud, proud mama! I have wanted chickens (and a farm) since I was a little girl. I finally got my first chickens two years ago at the age of 33, and my Turkens last April. I keep them in my suburban backyard in Colorado for their eggs and their antics. Just for the heck of it, my friend and I decided to show a few of the at the National Western Stock Show last Saturday, January 9, 2010. We figured it would be cool for people to see what Turkens looked like because I had never seen them there before. We went online and found out how to bathe them, and my less-than-thrilled husband let me use our kitchen sink to do so. We let them dry inside a parrot cage overnight, stuck them in a dog kennel, and took them to the show.

    Well, let me tell you, people sure get serious about showing their birds. They have special cages and "grooming" kits. We, of course, did not have any of these things, but figured that we would just relax and have fun. My birds were glossy from a good diet and plenty of kitchen scraps, and their legs were smooth from good, clean ground. I even had people ask me if I kept my birds indoors all the time to keep their feathers and feet so clean! Even my white Turken looked awesome without the use of bluing, which certainly never crossed our minds.

    So judging began, and my three girls were competing against one other Turken for best of breed and 27 other birds in the Any Other Standard Breed class. Two of my birds were calm, but Elvira, my black Turken was in a nasty mood, and tried to peck me everytime I opened her cage. My friend and I were thrilled when Elvira won best of breed. A ribbon! But wait, the judge was coming back and checking two birds again, and one of them was Elvira! He looked her over carefully while she gave him the evil eye. He nodded and spoke to the man next to him holding the judging notebook. The man with the notebook picked up the card on Elvira's cage and wrote something down before they walked away.

    My friend and I tiptoed over, and to our astonishment, it read "Best AOSB." We had just beat out all 27 other birds to win the entire class. We were champion Any Other Standard Breed. In the end, I recieved a blue ribbon and $10, but the bragging rights were so worth it. We met some really nice people and my hatchery bought, backyard raised bird did something very special.

    GO BACKYARD BIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here she is, Champion Elvira, both at the show (not happy) and her happy self at home! The white Turken is Priscilla, who was reserve breed winner. I also included Elvira with her sisters as a baby.

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    What great pictures, and beautiful birds.....and you have good cuase to be a proud, proud mama. Thanks for sharing your success. Congrats !!
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    OH WELL DONE!!! [​IMG] !!!

    It's like a fairy tale story! You are certainly allowed to brag!!!!

    I went to my first show a little while ago, just to see whether I might consider taking any of my girls.
    It was not a happy place and I saw a lot of stressed birds!!!
    But I also saw that the person who is responsible for the parents of my blue laced wyandotte (Can't say breeder!)
    should have kept mine! She is much prettier and better marked than the one specimen that could be seen at this show.
    My girls will stay comfortable at home where they belong, and i will just go around with a superior look on my face
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    Jun 17, 2009
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    Congrats! [​IMG]
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    That's fabulous!

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